The World's 1st Adjustable & Disposable Medical Chest Coverage


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HeartSnug Medical Chest Coverage (5-Pack)

($4.00/ Count)
HeartSnug is the perfect solution to all your chest coverage and support needs. It's soft, comfortable, and made to fit snugly against your skin - providing you with the privacy and peace of mind you deserve.
Made by women,
for women.
Percentage of proceeds
are donated to charity.
Made from Disposable &
Eco-Friendly Materials.


Brain tumor survivor and postpartum advocate

A couple hours after giving birth to my 2nd baby, I had a seizure which led to the discovery of a brain tumor. I have never seen more doctors in my life until this happened to me. I had to see my obgyn, primary care, neurosurgeons, radiation oncologists, neurologists, and neuro oncologists all in the span of 6 months. I had to have brain surgery, 5 days of radiation, 6 MRIs, 3 CT scans, a body scan, and an overnight ER visit all while my postpartum body was trying to recover after giving birth and adjust to breastfeeding a newborn. Having to change into awkward garments and gowns that draped awkwardly over my body for each appointment and scan was uncomfortable and dehumanizing. I was inevitably exposing my already fragile and vulnerable breastfeeding breasts when half the time this area wasn’t even being examined. If I had a “Heartsnug” disposable bra to replace or wear under the gowns, it would have made it feel like my healthcare team truly cared about my dignity as a human. Not like an animal in an assembly line. Our healthcare system can feel very sterile and cold but having a “Heartsnug” disposable bra would make that experience feel more safe, that your experience matters, and that you can trust your healthcare providers truly care about you.
Written by
Danielle Cohen

Wish I had HeartSnug

HeartSnug is a brilliantly simple innovation in the realm of healthcare. For years, the standard ill-fitting gown has been a source of discomfort for me, requiring an incessant dance of self-adjustment in the quest to maintain my dignity during some of my most vulnerable moments. HeartSnug, however, has proven to be the perfect solution to this age-old problem. Within its comforting embrace, I found a newfound sense of ease and security, allowing me to shift my attention to the most important aspect of the occasion – my health. It's a testament to how the simplest of ideas can have a profound impact on the quality of care and comfort in healthcare.
Written by
Katie ~ San Francisco

Breast Cancer Survivor

After my breast cancer surgery I was prescribed 28 consecutive days of radiation therapy. That meant more humiliating daily exposure of my already deformed breasts. The entire treatment was a daily display and reminder of the hell I already went through. When I was put in a room to change I felt vulnerable and self-conscious. If I had a “Heartsnug” disposable bra as an extra layer, it would have made my experience less traumatizing. I’m happy for women who now have “Heartsnug” disposable bra available to them.
Written by
Karen Klein

Breast Cancer Survivor

Navigating daily radiation appointments for breast cancer at 78 years old has been difficult. After having 3 lumpectomies my breasts have multiple scars and are different shapes. Even at my age I feel insecure, ‘that’ feeling never goes away and I am thankful, it makes me feel human. I have been wearing the HeartSnugs disposable medical bra underneath a robe provided for me in the breast cancer waiting room. Boy does it help as the treatments make me feel very hot so I feel more comfortable untying the robe having HeartSnug underneath. Also, when the make radiation tech only needs to treat one breast, the other is covered. It’s been the silver lining dealing with the logistics of my diagnosis and treatment.
Written by
Judy Macktinger


When patients undergo medical treatment, the trauma is not just the diagnosis and treatment. It is also the loss of normal human interactions. Suddenly, a person becomes a patient. The patient is often exposed, poked and prodded, and treated as a passive recipient of care. Privacy and personal values around exposing one’s body are often overlooked by doctors and care providers while treatment is prioritized. Patients feel a loss of personal boundaries, bodily autonomy, and sense of control. Heartsnug is the kind of product that helps restore a patient’s sense of privacy and human dignity. So many patients, including religious, LGBTQ, and those who require repeated follow up care, can benefit tremendously from this garment.
Written by
Elizabeth Salick, Psy.D, PMH-C

Heart patient & support group facilitator Advisory Board, UCLA Women’s Cardiology

So happy to have ‘HeartSnug’ for my cardiology appointments. I always feel so vulnerable and exposed with the usual hospital gown that doesn’t close in the front and I am so relieved to now have an extra layer of protection and comfort. I am shy and my doctor, and many times the technicians, are men and the new medical bra with front Velcro closure will make me feel less vulnerable. Also it will benefit the many female cardiac patients in my support group to help empower them during their doctor visits and procedures!
Written by
Alisa Becket


I was in urgent care this summer for a miserable head-to-toe mono rash. I was hot and itchy and coming out of my skin. I would have loved to have been able to take my top off and put on HeartSnug bra, so my body could breathe and still have my privacy.
Written by
Anonymous 17 year old

Stroke and Caregiver Facilitator

Suffering a massive stroke in 2009 led to left side paralysis and having to surrender my vulnerability to many professionals and family members. If there was such a thing as HeartSnug, I could have had a feeling of more self control and privacy during my long hospital stay and recovery.
Written by
Dana Rivera