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Heartsnug is the perfect solution to all your chest coverage and support needs. It's soft, comfortable, and made to fit snugly against your skin - providing you with the privacy and peace of mind you deserve. You'll never have to worry about exposing yourself again with HeartSnug.

Our Team, Our Story, Our Passion

We are sisters and lifelong friends who saw a need to provide patients an additional layer of security and privacy in a medical setting. We created HeartSnug in hopes that all women could go to doctors appointments, radiation clinics and undergo medical procedures while feeling physically and mentally a bit less vulnerable.

Created by women, for women.

Sara Dorband


Lauren Orlick


Lisa Humiston


Sara has the unique experience of needing an invention like HeartSnug since birth. A complex congenital heart defect resulted in her undergoing open-heart surgery as a baby. Throughout her life, Sara has experienced the challenges inherent with being subjected to countless medical exams and procedures, in addition to having a stroke at 40 years old. A medical disposable bra would have been an invaluable tool for her to utilize throughout her insecure teen years at cardiology appointments, and currently as an adult desiring an extra layer of privacy as it pertains to chest exposure. Her primary goal in co-founding HeartSnug is to help patients feel empowered.
Lauren saw firsthand how dispiriting the medical process can be when her mother went through a battle with cancer. Always looking to be a part of the solution, Lauren was inspired to search for ways for patients to feel comfortable during procedures that are awkward and associated with physical exposure and emotional vulnerability. Her primary goal in co-founding HeartSnug is to help patients feel protected and covered – literally!
Lisa has felt the vulnerabilities associated with the lack of proper breast coverage at doctor’s appointments, and as a mother who has watched her teen daughters experience these same vulnerabilities. Lisa has the conviction and passion to help curate a product that will bring dignity and comfort to women who are navigating uncomfortable medical procedures and appointments. Her primary goal in co-founding HeartSnug is to help patients feel less vulnerable.